Adobe Creative Cloud Across the Curriculum

A Guide for Students and Teachers

Social Media Campaign with Adobe Spark
by Karen Freberg
More than ever, it is important to be able to utilize tools such as Adobe Spark to create digital assets that help tell stories, branding, and communicate ideas and strategies to be shared on social media.
Digital literacy, critical thinking, agility, and strategic thinking are all part of the new marketable skills recent graduates need to have for the COVID-19 era. Educators can use Adobe Spark to create an interactive and visual piece of content to go over specific aspects of an assignment that is more compelling than a Word document. Social media campaigns can be done in many different ways, but Spark serves a great multipurpose platform and one-stop-shop to create social media pieces of content in a visual and appealing manner.
Social media is one of the areas of specializations that can be incorporated in any class - whether it is in social sciences, or hard sciences - and one universal assignment that can be included as an assignment for students in all classes is a social media campaign proposal. The possible applications and use cases for Adobe Spark are limitless.

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