3E: Gallery of Teaching Modules and Student Work

A Guide for Students and Teachers

This learning module includes a 9-step workshop that moves students from understanding data visualization to creating their own, to reflecting on how data visualization works.
This learning module teaches groups of 4-5 students how to create a board game, honing their reasoning by encouraging them to think critically about design and mechanics. Students must collaborate concerning these issues as well as work as a group to create a functional design and appealing aesthetics with Adobe Illustrator, prompting creativity and encouraging team building, all while keeping the perspectives of prospective consumers in mind. The module is excellent for building a variety of practical work-place skills in fields of business, advertising, and game design.
This assignment includes a sequence of Photoshop projects aligned with the concepts students are exploring in an Environmental Science course, but it could be used in many science courses. The module includes video tutorials, anticipated student outcomes, and learning targets. 

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