Adobe Creative Cloud Across the Curriculum

A Guide for Students and Teachers

Audio-Visual Storytelling with Adobe Premiere Pro
by Justin Hodgson
This resource is intended for students and teachers who are new to Adobe Premiere Pro. It provides an introduction to the 10 basic steps, moves, or considerations of editing video in Adobe Premiere Pro and it is structured around helping educators and students learn to create scholarly concept videos: short video-based creations designed to introduce a key term or tension, demonstrate a core practice or method, or contextualize a critical idea or perspective. To support in this work there is a video and image based Spark Page guide, a full video tutorial, PDFs, and an Assignment Prompt (and rubric) that be used by teachers and/or given as homework for students to follow as they work through the introductory tutorial.
The intent of this guide and assignment is to familiarize new users with the Adobe Premiere Pro interface, introduce basic terms and practices (of the software and film editing), gesture toward some advanced moves and considerations, and briefly demonstrate the scholarly concept video genre.

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