Adobe Creative Cloud across the Curriculum

A Guide for Students and Teachers

This project assignment asks students to make a service learning documentary film instead of a conventional research paper. As such, the assignment could be used in any class across the curriculum in which you might make a conventional paper-based research paper.
This project assignment asks students in a college-level introduction to film class to re-create a 2-3 minute scene from a film on our syllabus as authentically as possible. The principle behind this assignment is that the best way to learn about "how film works" is to make one yourself.  
For this assignment, individual students will research and produce a popular science vlog (a short video) using Adobe Spark fitting the theme of “public health.” Students will synthesize current scientific findings on a specific public health issue and communicate the important points in an aesthetically pleasing and compelling way to viewers, which may include experts and non-experts alike. The video should include voiceover narration as well as images and video clips. Students will gain an increased understanding of how to read and process scientific discourse as well as how to make difficult information easier to understand, honing their summarizing and paraphrasing skills. Students will also improve their research, organization, and design skills.

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